From the home page, you can press the "+" at the bottom right of your screen, you will then be asked the type of service you want. Then press on "Carpooling", then choose between "One way" and "Return trip".

The number of carpooling trips available for this month is then displayed. Click on the day you are looking for. If it is grayed out, it means that no casual carpooling trips are available for that day.

If some of the available days correspond to your wishes, just click on them to be redirected to the departure and arrival locations.

Indicate your desired arrival and departure times.


If the routes correspond to your choices, a list of carpoolers to the outward trip will be proposed to you.

By clicking on the person, you also have access to his or her route. 

If the trip suits you, you can then click on "Select this trip". 

If the choice "Return trip" was made, another list will appear proposing a ride from your working place to your home. Make your choice then click on "Confirm my selection".

Once you are on your home page, you can always click on the horizontal bars at the top right of your screen to view all your occasional carpooling reservation requests.

For your information, the person who received your invitation can either accept or refuse it. In both cases, you will be informed by email and by notification.


By clicking on the carpooling route, a window appears with two possibilities:

- "Open the route": in order to consult the itinerary indicated by Google maps, either for the outward or the return journey.


- "Leave carpooling". If you finally leave the carpool, the "owner" of the route will be informed by email and notification.

If your carpooling is composed by more than 2 members (yourself included), you can check who the members are by clicking on the tab "Team".