Only people who have an allocation (annual or permanent) will be able to release it and make it available to other colleagues.

Preamble: you will note that this new version of the mobile app does not, for the moment, allow for a release over several days at once. This feature will be added during the month of December 2023.

From the home page, click on the 3 horizontal bars at the top right of your screen to view all your assignments.

By clicking (or swiping from right to left) on the day concerned, a tab "Release" appears. By clicking on it, you can specify the period.

Once done, the freed allocation appears in orange, which means that your allocation has been freed and made available for other colleagues.

Please note that it is also possible to cancel your release if you are still within the deadlines defined by your company. To do this, simply click (or swipe) on the day concerned and click on "Cancel release".