After logging in, you land on the summary page. If you do not have any active reservations, you will be able to quickly make one, which can apply to a parking space, a desk, a locker, or any other service that is offered by your employer. Additional services can also be available, such as occasional ridesharing.

Once on the reservation page, you will be able to make two types of reservation. The first, the quick reservation process, is done by tapping on the list of days displayed at the center of the screen. The second, the detailed reservation process, can be done by tapping the "+" at the top-right of the page. Both are detailed below.


Once you have taped on a day, you will need to select the area in which you would like to make a reservation. For each area, the number of availabilities will be displayed on the right. Then, you must select the desired period: morning, afternoon, or whole day. Depending on the setting chosen by your company, it is possible that only the "Whole day" period will be displayed. Once the request is submitted, there are three different outcomes :

1. A confirmed request is displayed in green;

2. A pending confirmation is displayed in grey. This means that there are currently no availability for the selected period. You may choose to wait or cancel your reservation and submitting a new one in another area;

3. A provisional request is displayed in orange. This means that the owner of the item (parking space, office, etc.) can still take it back. The owner has a time limit to take back his/her item. Passed that time limit, the request will be confirmed and you will be notified.


This process will enable you to specify multiple parameters for each reservation. First, you will need to select an area. Then, you will be able to select one or multiple days* in the calendar. This is limited by your remaining quota, displayed at the top-right of the calendar. Finally, you will be able to specify for each day a period. You can also decide to apply the same period for each day selected.

*In contrast to the fairpark web interface (available from a computer or tablet), it is possible to select non-consecutive days, i.e. days that do not follow each other.