Only employees that were attributed an individual service (parking space, desk, locker, etc.) can release and make them available to others.

The release process is very similar to the booking process

On the menu dedicated to the item, you can view the service that was attributed to you, in this case desk #009..

You will then be able to make a release. and this in two ways. The quick release will allow you to select a single day in the list in the center of the screen and then the sector and the desired period. The detailed release will allow you to select several days by tapping on the "+" in the top right corner of the screen, and then specify the desired sectors and periods for each day. These two processes are described below.


By selecting the day you wish to release, you will be able to choose the release period: morning, afternoon or whole day. Depending on the setting chosen by your company, it is possible that only the "Whole day" period will be displayed.


This process, accessible via the "+" button then "Release" in the top right corner (see screenshots 1 and 2 below), will allow you to define several parameters. 

First, you will have to select your allocation (screenshot n°3), then click on "Release". 

Then, you will be able to free one or more days* (screenshot n°4).

Finally, you will be able to select a different release period for each day, or choose the same one for all.

*Unlike the fairpark web interface (available from a computer or a tablet), it is possible to select non-consecutive days, i.e. days that do not follow each other.

1. Image 2. Image

3. Image 4. Image


To cancel a release, simply tap on it and follow the steps. It is possible to cancel multiple released periods. Depending on how the fairpark entity was configured, cancellation delays may apply. To learn more about the possible delays, please get in touch with your fairpark administrator.